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I’m about to demystify the truth about getting a PhD + wanting to work in academia. We get this question *all* the time…”So has Anthony started applying to jobs?” We both know that it comes with good intentions but it’s also a lack of knowledge about the field he is going into.

Universities + colleges answer to a board of trustees, that typically meet quarterly. In the 2nd quarter meeting they discuss what faculty positions need to be filled for the NEXT academic year! Then the jobs are posted in late September-early November. You *typically* know by mid-March if you have a job for the fall.

We’ve been through the job search process for YEARS. Of course it’s “easier” to get a job once you’ve successfully defended your dissertation, but there are some places that will take a chance on hiring you without it being defended. Many times once you have a job lined up, the faculty will do everything in their power to get you to finish your dissertation + defend. Because if their graduates are able to get a job, it makes them look better.

What happens when you defend your dissertation + there’s nothing lined up? You have a pity party…or two…or three, you cry *a lot*, then you suck it up. The last thing I want for my husband is to be jobless, but sadly at this time, he doesn’t have a job.

My suggestion when you hear this is to not say “It will all work out” or “God has a plan for you”. That, unfortunately, isn’t helpful. Saying you’re sorry and praying for us is enough for both of us. We are acutely aware that a door will open, most likely the door will come when we least expect it. Neither of us have given up hope, I can promise you that.

The academia world moves at a different rate + pace than any other field out there. Hopefully this will help all of our friends + families understand a little bit more of the process. Prayers that a job will open for Anthony is much appreciated.

Many many thanks to our families for supporting us this entire journey. Having them come up for Commencement was incredibly special!


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